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Mango Pudding ( Sung Ka Ya Ma-Muong )


This mango pudding is moist, quite dense and not very healthy! But a treat in small doses is fine. The key flavors are coconut, mango with plenty of sugar making for a sweet fruity desert.
You can see from the ingredients, I've used coconut cream powder here. I've really taken to it, it's lasts for ages in the cupboard and all you need to do is add some water to make it back into coconut milk. You'll need 150 ml of Coconut milk, or the equivalent made up milk powder, coconut cream is just richer coconut milk by the way.


1 Large Ripe Mango
150 ml Coconut Cream (or milk powder equivalent)
4 Large Eggs
200 gms Sugar

1. Mix the sugar, coconut milk and eggs together till smooth.
2. Peel the mango and take off the flesh, be careful of the flesh around the stone, it's bitter.
3. Keep back some thin slices for garnish.
4. The rest you want to mash or blend, forming a puree. Mix that into the mix.
5. Pour into foil trays and steam, there's no much mix here, enough for a couple of 5 inch circular foil trays which is a suitable amount for a 2 layer steamer. For the photograph I used a traditional square steel tray 10cm x 10cm, but a foil one is fine.

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