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Steamed Fruit Buns, Khanom Pui Fai


For these steamed buns you'll need a flour improver known as SP Cream Emulsifier. It makes the buns soft and almost foamy, but if you can't find it, get the best cake flour you can find, and you can make a passable alternative.

Add about 8-10 small pieces of candied fruit. If you add too many the steamed bun will break up, add too few and you'll miss them in the finished bun.

One last point, I used metal foil cases to make them in. You can use paper cases, but only the waxy type, regular baking paper cases tend to get soggy in the steamer and lose their shape.


228 g Wheat Flour for Cake Making
1 Large Egg
240 ml Water
1 Teaspoon SP Cream Emulsifier (Or similar product, as per packet)

1. Blend half the water with the other ingredients for 2 minute, start the blender off slow to get them mixed, then bring it up to full speed.
2. Add the remaining water, and blend on full speed for 5 minutes. This will incorporate a lot of air into the mix.
3. Get the steamer ready and the water boiling, you want to start steaming them as soon as the fruit pieces go in, so they don't have time to sink to the bottom.
4. Spoon the mixture into the foil cases, leave a little room for some fruit. Add small 8 pieces of candied fruit into the top of each one.
5. Steam for 12 minutes, keep the lid on the steamer so they will rise, don't be tempted to look. After 12 minutes, you can open the lid and stick a toothpick into a bun, if no mixture sticks to the toothpick, they are cooked.

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