Pork Panang ( Panang Mu )


A very simple stir fry red pork curry with a plenty of fresh vegetables. This dish plus rice makes a complete meal of meat and vegetables.

Ingredients for 2 People
150 gms Pork
50 gms Cut Green Beans
50 gms Baby Corn
200 ml Coconut Milk
50 ml Water
2 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
1 Teaspoon Sugar
3 Tablespoons Oil
2 Tablespoons Red Curry Paste
2 Kaffir Citrus Leaves
2 Red Chillies

1. Cleaning the pork and chop it into strips.
2. Put the oil in a frying pan, add the curry paste in and fry over a medium heat to release the curry fragrance.
3. Add the pork and fry for a further 2 minutes.
4. Add the coconut milk, fish sauce, sugar and water and mix.
5. Chop the grean bean and baby corn and fry for 10-20 seconds.
6. Slice the kaffir leaves and chillies very finely.
7. Serve the curry on a plate topped with the kaffir and chillies.

Serves With
Hot Rice

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