Glass Pebbles ( Krong Krang Giuew )


These pebble shaped Kong Krangs made from starch always remind me of pieces of frosted glass you find on the beach. As is typical of Thailand we serve these with sugar syrup to sweeten them so that each person can add as little or as much sweetness as necessary.

100 gms Cassava Starch Flour
150 ml Boiling Hot Water
Crushed Ice
Pink Food Colouring

1. Mix the food color with the boiling hot water and pour into the cassava starch. Mix it in quickly, and it will form a dough.
2. To make the Krong Krang, pinch off small bite sized pieces of the dough, flatten them into pebble shapes and I like to press the pebble against a grater to add a nice pattern to it.
3. Boil a pan full of water, drop the pebbles into the pan, cook them for 1-2 minutes, then scoop them out and drop into a bowl of cold water.
4. Serve with a little light sugar syrup and crushed ice.

Ingredients for Syrup
300 gms Sugar
350 gms ml Water

Boil the water add sugar in until the sugar is dissolved. Keep boiling to reduce the water to half, then leave to cool.

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