Mango Ice Cream ( Ice Tim Mamuang )


A sweet ice cream made from Thai mangos, normally for Thai ice cream we don't use cream, we use coconut milk and starch. However this is a more conventional cream-based ice cream made with whipped double cream and puréed mango.

400 gms Fresh Ripe Mango (1 medium sized Mango)
300 ml Double Cream (35% fat)
200 gms Sugar

1. Clean and skin the mango, pureé it in a blender.
2. Whisk the cream together with the sugar until it's thick.
3. Mix the mango pureé into the cream.
4. Freeze. You will need to remove it as it's just beginning to freeze and whisk it again to prevent ice crystals forming.
5. When you are nearly ready to serve, remove it from the freezer to soften a little.
6. When serving garnish with mango slices, or other fresh fruit.

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