Papaya Ice Cream ( I Tim Maragor )


Papaya ice cream, freshly made. On the farm we don't make ice cream as often as I do when I'm in Bangkok. We don't have a freezer (or fridge!), food is normally farm fresh, picked or butchered the same day. To make ice cream without a freezer requires a lot of ice and salt, the ice man delivers huge blocks of ice. We break up the blocks, add salt and that makes our freezing mixture. The ice melts, and draws the heat from the surroundings as it melts. You take a metal bowl and stir the ice cream with the bowl sitting in the freezing mixture and it freezes the ice cream.

200 gms Ripe Papaya or Tinned Papaya
1 Egg Yolk
60 gms Sugar
100 ml Evaporated Milk
150 ml Whipping Cream (30-35% Fat)
Juice of 1 Lime

1. Blend the papaya, milk, and lime juice together until well mixed and all the papaya has been broken up.
2. Whisk the egg yolk and sugar together.
3. Whip the cream to thicken it.
4. Mix all the ingredients together and whisk for 10 minutes.
5. At this point, if you're nervous of raw eggs, you can steam the mixture in a tray for 10 minutes to just cook through the egg and blend it again to break up any egg strands. This is a highly recommended safety step, if you're eggs are not straight from the hen!
6. Put into the freezer (or in the metal bowl in the freezing mixture!) for 1 hour, remove and whisk again. Repeat until you have your ice cream. The repeated whisking as it freezes breaks up the water crystals.

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