Orange Cheese Jelly /Jello ( Woon Noom Rod Som )


You've no doubt eaten cheesecake, well this is a Thai cheese jelly, a jelly made from curdled milk instead of water. For this I used orange gelatin with added vitamin C, you need the acidity of the vitamin C to make the milk curdle to make the cheese. If you can't find a suitable gelatin, add tablespoons of orange juice as you heat the milk until it separates.

1 Packet Orange Gelatin with Vitamin C
250 ml Pasturised Milk
2 Oranges For Garnish
Plastic Cup or Mould

1. Put the milk into a saucepan, add the gelatin, and stir to dissolve the gelatin.
2. Put on a low heat, warm it gently until the milk curdles, do not permit it to boil.
3. Pour into the mould and allow to set.
4. Remove, slice, and serve with orange segments.

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