Limestone Pumpkin ( Fuk Tong Nam Cheum )


The pumpkin for this recipe is soaked overnight in a solution of dissolved limestone, it makes the outside crunchy when the pumpkin is boiled and the pumpkin won't discolour so quickly as untreated pumpkin.

50 gms Chopped Pumpkin
4-5 Tablespoons Limestone Dissolved in Water
300 ml Water
150 gms Sugar
50 gms Crunshed Ice

1. Cut the pumpkin into pieces.
2. Soak the pumpkin pieces in the limestone water, top up with just enough water to cover the pumpkin pieces. If there is some limestone powder in the bottom of the bowl it helps keep dissolved limestone in the water.
3. Boil 300 ml water with the sugar until dissolved.
4. Boil the pumpkin in this sugar syrup for 10 minutes to just cook it through, leave in the liquid to cool.
5. Serve the pumpkin with some of the syrup mixed with crushed ice.

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