Strawberry & Sticky Rice Swirl (Kao Niew Moon Storberry)


The warm sweet sticky rice & coconut adds creaminess, the strawberries add sourness, and in the center, chopped strawberries in syrup add the sweetness. This makes a very delicious dessert.

500 gms Strawberries
100 gms Sticky Rice
300 gms Coconut Milk
10 gms Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt

100 gms Sugar
100 ml Water

1. Soak the sticky rice in warm water overnight.
2. Make a sugar syrup, heat the 100gms of sugar with 100ml of water and boil slowly until the syrup is thick, then leave to cool.
3. When it is cool, chop two strawberries into fine pieces, and mix them with the syrup - this will form the center of the plate.
4. Steam the sticky rice in a until cooked, then place in bowl and leave to cool a little.
5. To the sticky rice, add the 10 gms sugar, salt and coconut milk and mix well. Leave the rice to soak up the coconut milk.
6. To present the dish, slice the strawberries into thin slices and layer them with spoonfuls of the sticky rice mixture. Fill the center with the strawberries in syrup.

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