Thai Banana In Syrup (Gluoay Nam Wha)


I originally thought these were plantains in English, but the variety of banana used isn't a plantain, so I'm going to call it a Thai Banana. It is small, and when used in this recipe it is unripe, and fibrous, making it suitable for bashing and grilling. A photograph of the banana type is shown below, but for this recipe they should be unripe.

1 Unripe Banana Per Person
Sticks for grilling
100 gms Dark Brown Sugar (for Sugar Syrup)
100 mls Water


1. Slice the unripe Thai bananas into 3cm thick slices.
2. Thread them onto the sticks side ways on (you can see in the photograph).
3. Once they're threaded on, bash them with a mallet (I use a Thai mortar). This flattens them and helps break down the fibers making them easier to eat.
4. Grill them until browned and cooked through. You can also dry fry or barbecue them.
5. Once they're brown and cooked through, serve the a sugar syrup or honey.
6. For the sugar syrup heat the dark brown sugar and water in a saucepan until dissolved. Boil off the water to make the sugar syrup thicker, then pour over the banana.

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