Green Thai Tea Drink - Gotu Cola ( Nam Bai Bua Bok )


Bai Bua Bok is a green herb used to make health tea. You'll see the ice tea sold in many street markets across Thailand, it's the green tea, often sold next to yellow Chrysanthemum tea, and also called 'Gotu Cola'. A claimed cure for cancer, and sold as a health tea drink, it actually has quite a pleasant herb like flavour and goods source of vitamins when fresh. The herb can also be eaten raw, and is eaten with chillie paste.

On a hot day this is a good pleasant ice-tea like drink.

1 Bunch Bai Bua Bok leaf
2 Tablespoons Sugar
230ml Water

1. Into a blender put half the water, and the cleaned leaves and stalks.
2. Blend to a pulp, sieve the pulp squeezing out all the juices you can.
3. The remaining water goes into a pan with the sugar.
4. Heat until the sugar is dissolved and the water boiling, add the squeezed juice.
5. Leave to cool and serve over ice.

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