Sticky Rice Steamer (Huwt Nung Kow)


Thai people eat a lot of steamed food and they have their own style of steamer. You can see from the photograph that it looks like an upturned hat made of reeds inside a tall (about 20cms, 8 inches) aluminium steaming pan.

It has some advantages over a regular western pan steamer: The base of the hat sits inside the pan so the food is steamed from all sides not just the base. Also when steaming sticky rice the rice can sit as a ball in the base of the steamer, and to turn the rice over it is simply a matter of 'flipping' it inside the reed basket.

It is not normally necessary to clean this steamer. If it has been used for stick-rice, let the rice dry then brush it off the steamer with a hard brush. It is usually enough to simply let this steamer dry out and brush or shake off food residues.

Thais also use the Chinese steamer for flatter foods, this steamer is mainly used to steam sticky (glutinous) rice and to steam parcels of food.

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