Garlic Crumb Chicken ( Gai Op Gar Thiam )


The key flavour in this is garlic, provided by ground garlic used to flavour the crumb. This is a baked-steamed chicken leg, making it a healthier way to cook the breaded chicken than frying. If you want to emphasize the garlic flavour, why not bake some garlic cloves at the same time you bake the chicken legs?

6 Chicken Legs
1 Tablespoon Garlic Powder
1 Tablespoon Salt
50 gms Breadcrumbs
3 Tablespoon Wheat Flour
1 Egg

1. Mix the salt with the chicken legs and leave for an hour.
2. Steam the chicken legs for 30 minutes, make sure they are cooked.
3. Prepare your coating. I like to use freezer bags, one bag with flour & garlic powder mixed, one bag with the breadcrumbs and a bowl with the egg whipped in it.
4. Heat an oven to 180 degrees celsius.
4. Place the chicken legs in the flour bag and shake it around to coat it. Then coat it in egg, then place it in the breadcrumbs bag and shake it to coat it with the crumbs.
6. Bake in the oven until brown and cooked, this takes 40 minutes or so. Remember the legs are already cooked, once the crumbs are brown that is enough.

Serve With
Plum Sauce
Fragrant Rice

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