Salmon Sticks ( Bla Salmon Tod Grop )


Why eat fish fingers when you can eat salmon battered fingers! Battered salmon sticks, served with Maggi sauce and Plum sauce. Very simple and very delicious. Rod Dee is a flour batter, a mixture of: Wheat flour, garlic powder, a little ground cinamon, a little MSG, and salt. Asian food often contains MSG (both natural and synthetic, it's nothing to worry about.)

200 gms Salmon (without skin)
4 Tablespoons Rod Dee
2-3 Tablespoons Water
400 ml Oil

1. Slice the salmon into bit sized sticks.
2. Mix the flour batter with water and coat the sticks.
3. Heat oil in a frying pan to medium hot.
4. Fry the salmon sticks to golden brown.

Serve With
Palm Sauce
Maggi Sauce

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