Mushroom Parcels ( Por Pai Hed Hu Nu )


You've seen variations of these fried parcels before, and you've probably eaten lots of spring rolls before. These are much better, a much stronger flavour comes from the black Chinese dried mushrooms (you can see these in the back of the photograph).

Spring Roll Papers
50 gms Black Chinese Mushrooms
100 gms Shrimp
5 Bird Chillies
2 Garlic Cloves
5 gms Kra Prow Basil Leaves (Thai Basil)
1 Teaspoon Oyster Sauce
1 Teaspoon Light Soy Sauce
Pinch of Sugar
1 Tablespoon Oil

1. Soak the dried black mushrooms for 30 minute to 1 hour.
2. Chop the mushrooms and shrimp to a very coarse mince.
3. Slice the garlic and chillies together, fry in the oil for a few seconds, add the shrimp, mushrooms, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, basil leaves and stir fry for a minute, then set aside on a plate to cool.
4. Spoon the mixture onto spring roll leaves, roll up the edges and tuck in the sides. Brush the edge of the spring roll paper with egg to seal it.
5. Heat oil to 180 degrees celsius and deep fry the spring rolls until crispy. Drain on paper and serve.

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