Quail Egg Parcels ( Kiew Tod Kai Nook Gata )


A favorite of my younger brother and sister. These parcels are fried and crispy wonton pastry with a quails egg inside and are eaten with a sweet chillie sauce. The wonton skins you can buy in packets from Asian grocers. Wontons are a type of pastry treated to avoid soaking up oil when frying.

12 Quail Eggs
12 Wonton Skins
Wood Skewers
Oil for deep fry

1. Boil the quail eggs in water for 8 minutes.
2. Remove the shells and dry them.
3. Heat oil in a deep fat fryer to 170 degrees celsius.
4. Wrap each egg up in wonton skins (as in the photograph below) and skewer onto wooden sticks. I typically put 4 of them onto each stick.
5. Deep fry in the hot oil for 2 minutes.


Serve With
Sweet Chicken Sauce

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