Edible Beetles ( Mang-Gudchi )


We have many types of delicious beetles in Thailand, here are just 2! Since I'm in Isaan, I'm going to introduce you to the various farmers foods that are eaten here. I know that you'll never make them at home, but if you're in Thailand, given them a try, you might find out that you like them. I was introduced to them as a child by my father, so I don't have the revulsion to them that westerners are taught, but then I have a revulsion to beef.


The winged insects are eaten minus the wings and legs. When you buy them in the market, they're dry fried in a pan with salt and pepper to cook them so you don't need to cook them yourself. They're nice with Maggi sauce.

Oh, one last thing, don't let the fact they live on old buffalo dung put you off...

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