Offal ( Kruang Nai )


They say the Chinese eat every part of the pig except for the squeek. The Thai's are the same, we eat almost everything from almost every animal! Lets start with the head, it's steamed and cooked with spices like cinnamon and star anise to make soft fatty pork in soup.


The blood is left to congeal in a pot (above is chunks of congealed pigs blood), then sliced and added to glass noodle soup, and other forms of soup.


These lungs are cooked until almost dissolved into the water, and again used for soups and noodles.


Pigs intestines are cleaned carefully, boiled until soft, then sliced and made into a salad, or fried, or sliced thin for dipping into chilli sauce.


Liver is used in lap-mu, or sliced and fried, or used as in suki yaki, or even barbecued.


These tongues are nice barbecued (grilled), till browned on the outside, then sliced thinly and eaten with a spicy sauce as a gop-gam dish (a snack to eat with alcoholic drinks).

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