Yellow Beans (Met Tu Luang)


Yellow soya beans (often simply called 'Yellow Beans') are commonly used to make desserts and snacks. In Thailand we buy them in packets, but they can also be made from green soya beans by removing the green skin, as in the photograph above.

Preparation from Green Soya
1. Soak the green soya beans in warm water overnight to soften them.
2. Put your fingertips into the bowl of soaking soya beans and rub them between your fingers roughly. This will loosen the skin.
3. The skin is lighter than the beans and float more easily. If you stir them up in the water, the beans drop quickly to the bottom of the bowl and the green skins drop more slowly. You can use this to easily separate the skins from the beans.
4. Place the bowl of water & beans in the sink.
5. Run water into the bowl so that it overflows over the edges, it will stir up the beans and the skins will float and be carried over the edges of the bowl, but the beans will drop back into the bowl.
6. Adjust the flow of the tap to so that skins, go over the edge, but beans do not.
7. Now repeat step 2-7 until all the skins have been removed.

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