Jack fruit


Another famous Thai fruit, if Durian is the King of Fruit, then this the Queen of fruit. This one is less pungent than the Durian, but has similar perfume, the slight aroma of decay which is an acquired taste. But then people talk of the aroma of fine cheeses and to me they just stink.
We often use these meaty fruit as the main ingredient where you would normally use meat.

Cut the outer casing off, and pull out the softer fibrous pods inside and eat them straight away.

In Jack Fruit Soup, this uses jack fruit to accompany rice and adding the meaty bulk.

Jack Fruit Ta Ko, is the famous salt-sweet dessert with jack fruit adding complexity and texture.

And in Jack Fruit Pudding, the jack fruit fragments add texture to a pudding that would otherwise be too gloopy and adds some complexity to the taste.

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