Soya Bean Shoots ( Tua Gnog )


Fresh beansprouts (shoots of the mung bean) may not sound very exciting, but the freshness can really improve a stir-fry dish. Here's how to grow them from the soya beans you can buy in the grocers. It takes 3-5 days at normal room temperature, so it's very easy and quick to do.
In the photograph below you can see the soya beans, with the grown soya shoots in the middle and some shoots on the right with the seed head and root removed. You can eat all of the shoot, seed head and root included.


100 ml Hot Water
100 ml Cool Water
100 gms Green Soya Beans
Square Plastic Box 12 cm High, 20 cms on the sides.
1 Spray Bottle to Spray Water
Old Newspapers
Cotton Wool
Kitchen Peper

1. Mix the hot and cold water together in a bowl.
2. Add the soya beans and soak it for 8-10 hours to kick start the growth.
3. Into the plastic box, place a few layers of kitchen paper and cotton wool. Make a 1 cm or so layer on which to grow the beans.
4. Soak this layer in water. Make sure the kitchen paper and cotton wool are well soaked and drain off any excess water.
5. Spread the soya beans over the paper/cotton. They can be close together, but only a single layer of beans can be placed in the box.
6. When these beans are growing they need to be kept in the dark, for this you will need to cover them with old newspapers. Make sure light can't enter through the sides of the box either.
7. Keep them in regular room temperature, every few hours lift the newspaper and spray the shoots with water.
8. After approximately 3 days they will have grown enough to be eaten.

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