Boiled Fried Fish Sauce Chicken ( Gay Tom Nam Bla )


This chicken is first cooked by boiling in a stock including fish sauce, then the chicken is removed and drained and deep fried to make the skin crispy. I've cut it in half and laid it on a bed of lime for the photograph. A squeeze of lemon adds to the taste.

1 House Chicken ( Whole Chicken )
800 ml Water
5 Kaffir Leaves
2 Tablespoons Salt
5 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
10 gms Galangal Leaves
10 gms Coriander Root
4 Garlic Cloves
Oil For Deep Frying

1. Clean the chicken, remove the innards, and place the kaffir leaves on the inside of the chicken.
2. Pound the garlic, galangal and coriander root together until pulped. Then mix with salt and fish sauce in a mixing bowl.
3. Cover the chicken with this mixture and leave to marinade for 1-2 hours.
4. Boil a pan of water, place the chicken and its marinade into the water and boil until its reduced down to half.
5. Remove the chicken and let it drain.
6. Heat enough oil to deep fry the chicken in to 180 degrees celsius (medium hot).
7. Lower the chicken into the fat, be very very careful - the chicken has a lot of water in it and the oil will spit and bubble up. I prefer to use a deep fat frying to fry this.
8. Once the skin is crispy, remove the chicken, drain and serve.

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