Ginger Fish ( Bla Nueng Kin Dong )


Fish is a good healthy dish, and this is a simple way to prepare it. Steam it with ginger & thyme, the flavours from the ginger go into the fish and help neutralize any 'fishy' smells as a bonus.

500 gms Sea Fish
120 ml Light Soy Sauce
50 gms Mushroom
20 gms Pickled Ginger
10 gms Thyme Leaves

1. Scale & gut the fish. Your fishmonger can do this for you, but it's easy enough to scale a fish by scraping a knife backwards over the skin.
2. Place the fish in a suitable metal bowl, pour the light soy over it, add the ginger and thyme and mushrooms.
3. Steam for 15 minutes.
4. Serve with rice.

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