Duck Bami Noodles ( Ba Mee Ped Yang )


This is duck with Bami noodles, as with the Bami soup I made, the noodles are very easy to make and don't require any special equipment.

500 gms Duck Breast or Leg
1 Teaspoons Salt
3 Tablespoons Thai Teriyaki Powder
40 ml Water
100 gms Wheat Flour
2 Tablespoons Oil
1 Large Egg
Coriander Leaves
Rolling pin

1. Clean the duck and salt the skin.
2. Mix the teriyaki powder with water and marinade the duck for at least 2 hours in this mix.
3. Grill for 30 minutes at 170 deegree until cooked and slice thinkly.
4. To make the noodles, mix the wheat flour with the egg and oil and knead it for 2 minutes. Leave the dough to rest for 5 minutes.
5. Roll the dough into a long thin strip (12-14cms wide and as long as you can make it). I hand the dough over the edge of the table when I do this.
6. Roll the strip into a sausage shape, dust with flour as you roll so that the dough doesn't stick together.
7. Slice the sausage into slices, each slice is a rolled up noodle. Unroll the slice to form the noodle.
8. Drop the noodles into boiling water for 5 minutes, then drain and set aside on a plate.
9. For this dish, pile Bami noodles on the plate, add some slices of duck and garnish with corinander leaves on the side.

Serve With
Dried Flaked Chillies
Fried Garlic

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