Spicy Beansprout Salad ( Yum Tor Ngork Sine Grolc )


This is a great way to use soya beansprouts in a salad. Like a typical Thai salad it's spicy from all the chilli, for this it's best to use the freshest soya beansprouts you can find, they will add a sweetness to balance the spicy chilli taste.

4 Hotdogs
100 gms Soya Beansprouts
200 ml Hot Water
4 Bird Chillies
1 Tablespoon Chopped Lemon Grass
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
1/3 Teaspoons Fish Sauce
4 Cherry Tomatoes
Oil for frying

1. Clean the beansprouts and remove the root, soak in hot water for 30 seconds.
2. Chop the hotdog into small pieces, deep fry it in hot oil for 30 seconds and drain.
3. Mix the beansprouts and hotdog pieces with chopped bird chillies, fish sauce, lemon juice, chopped lemon grass.
4. Garnish with cherry tomatoes halves and lettuce.

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