Sun Tanned Fish ( Bla Daid Diew Naam Bla Wan )


The extra flavour in this fish comes from leaving it sitting in the sun for a day. I like to think it's sun-basted rather than sub-tanned. For this dish, get a fish with plenty of white meat on it, as it sits in the sun it will dry and shrink a little, so the thicker the meat the better. I used a hake.

500 gms White Fish
1 Hot Sun
Oil for Deep Frying
1 Teaspoons Salt

Ingredients for Sauce
4 Fish Sauce
4 Tablespoons Sugar
3 Chillies
1 Garlic Cloves
2 Small Red Onions
10 gms Sour Mango
50 ml Water

1. Clean the fish and cut it lengthwise and open it up so that the meat side faces up and the skin side faces down.
2. Salt the meat of the fish, place on a plate and leave it out in the sun for one day.
3. Deep fry the fish in hot oil until it turns brown and crunchy.
4. To make the sauce, into a saucepan place the sugar, fish sauce and water.
5. Boil the sauce until the sugar is dissolved and the sauce become thicker, then remove from the heat and leave to cool.
6. Slice the garlic, chillies, mango and red onion and mix into the sauce.

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