Prawn Chilli ( Gung Nuing Ma Narw )


That green mix in the middle in chopped green bird chillis, steamed to give the prawns a hot burn.

4-5 Prawn
5 Green Bird Chillies
1-2 Garlic Cloves
2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
3 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
1 Teaspoon Sugar

1. Clean the prawns, cut down the back and remove the black thread gut. Cut a slot in the middle and fold the tail back on itself and thread through the slot.
2. Place 4 prawns into a small bowl, the bowl should fit inside your steamer.
3. Into a blender, place the garlic, chillies, lemon juice, fish sauce and sugar. Blend to a fine mince.
4. Pile this chilli mix onto the top of the prawns, make sure you cover the prawns with the juices.
5. Steam for 3 minutes.

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