Rice Omelette Swirls ( Kai Hur Kao )


This week I'm making sushi style dishes from Thai ingredients. Here is a sushi style presentation of omelette Thai rice and seaweed. Serve with either wasabi in soy sauce or with chopped chillies in fish sauce. This dish is quite plain on it's own, but it's perfect as a carrier for the spicy tastes.

Ingredients for 1-2 People
Cooked Fragrant Rice ( or Sushi Rice )
1-2 Eggs
1-2 Seaweed Papers
1 Tablespoon Oil

1. Whip the eggs, fry in a hot frying pan with a little oil and cook the egg to a flat omelette and leave to cool.
2. Add a sprinkle of wine vinegar and white wine to the rice and mix.
3. Lay out the omelette, then a layer of seaweed, and spread the rice evenly over the top.
4. Roll up the omelette, a sushi mat helps you roll it tightly, but a cloth works just as well.
5. Slice with a moistened sharp knife.

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