Sweet Salty Egg Pie ( Ka Noom Pei Side Kai Kam Wan )


What an eclectic mix of flavours this is! In the centre is a salty egg yolk, wrapped in a sweet peanut & fruit layer and enclosed in a crunchy pastry wrapper. As you bite through the pie you hit the sweet then the salt. You will need salted egg yolks for this, either store bought or you can make your own in 3 weeks.

100 gms Peanut ( Dry Fry Them For Extra Flavour )
2 Tablespoons Oil
50 ml Water
70 gms Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt
50 gms Dried Mixed Fruits (Mango, Cherry, Pineapple, Berry)
30 gms Glacé (Candied) Fruits
4-5 Salty Eggs Yolk
Ready made Single Crust Pastry
1 Egg Yolk & 2 Tablespoons Milk for Glazing the Pie

1. Mix the peanuts, with 50ml water, salt and sugar. Blend with a food processor to form a liquid paste.
2. Into a saucepan, heat the peanut mixture together with the oil. Gently heat it to boil off excess water, stirring continously.
3. Once you have the mixture very thick, leave to cool. It should be a stiff paste that can hold it's shape when cold.
4. Chop the candied and dried fruit and mix into the peanut mixture. Separate the mixture into 40gm balls. You need 1 egg yolk for 2 balls of peanut mixture.
5. Cut the raw salty egg yolk in half. Salted egg yolks are solid, not liquid so they cut easily.
6. Take a ball of peanut mixture, flatten it in your hand, insert half a salty egg yolk, wrap up the peanut mixture around the egg yolk.
7. Next to the pastry, a single crust ready made pastry is easiest.
8. Cut squares of big enough to wrap up the ball. I used 10cm x 10cm squares.
9. Wrap up the peanut ball in pastry and crimp the back.
10. I have a heart shaped mold I press the pies into to form a heart shape. But that stage is optional.
11. Bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees celsius until golden brown.

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