Thai Meat Pickle Platter


With so many prepared meats in Thailand, it's worth just preparing a simple Thai pickle and meat platter. There's almost no work involved yet the result is every bit as good as a cooked dish, there are sweet meats, savory meats, crunchy meats, spicy meat. If you want to expand the textures, don't forget the hairy meats too. For more unusual pickles, well you could add sweet pickled turnip.


In my platter I have:

1. Sliced sweet pork sausage.
2. A spicy liver sausage.
3. This is sweet flat pork, it's almost like candied pork!
4. The fried crunch version of the flat pork.
5. Pickled cabbage.
6. Pickled garlic
7. Thai basil (at the back-right).
8. The rolled fatty pork I made a few days ago.
9. Grated radish.

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