Ma Yom Cha-Im


Ma yom cha-im, sweet candied berries eaten as a snack. They have a hard seed inside so be careful when biting into them, just eat the pulp.
The raw
Ma Yom can be seen here the small green fruit in the middle of the article. The berries are boiled in palm sugar syrup until soft and sweet. When Ma Yom fruit are on the trees, they are plentiful, too plentiful to eat, and often too sour. So this is a way to preserve them and make them more pleasant.

I use to buy this and take to school as a snack, it use to cost me 1 Baht for 5-10 sticks, now its more like 5 Baht each stick (25-50 times more expensive)! It's not inflation, it's just that it's sold now as a fond childhood memory snack, and so sold at a premium.
Look for them at street vendors, I bought the above ones on Silom road, but they're available everywhere if you look closely.
Rating: Well I only eat them because they're my fond childhood memory. You can easily give them a miss.

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