Thai Breakfast Cereal ( Nam-Tao-Hu Song-Crueng )


This is the Thai equivalent of breakfast cereal. It's made from tapioca pearls, grass jelly and warm sweetened soya sauce. For the photograph I only put a little liquid into the bowl, so you can see the cereal better, but normally you put a lot more.

200 ml Soya Milk (Normally for Drinking)
1 Tablespoon Sugar
30 gms Tapioca Pearls
30 gms String Tapioca (a zig-zag tapioca style)
30 gms Sliced Grass Jelly

1. Soak the all tapioca in warm water overnight.
2. Boil the tapioca until cooked.
3. Boil the soya milk with the sugar until the sugar is dissolved.
4. To serve, slice the grass jelly, spoon on some of the tapioca and pour on warm soya milk.

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