Chinese Pork Bone Soup ( Gar Dook Mu On Tom Made Bur )


The Chinese people sell ready made seasonings for this soup, 4 dried herbs ready prepared to make a soup stock. In Thai we adopted this dish and added some chilli (well don't we always!).

200 gms Pork Bones for Soup
50 gms Lotus Nuts
2 Teaspoons Salt
4 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
2 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce
2 Teaspoons Sugar
1/2 White Pepper
1 Pikle Garlic
10 gms Chinese Soup Herbs
1000 ml Water

1. Soak the lotus nuts overnight to soften them.
2. Clean the pork and cut into short pieces.
3. Boil 1 litre water in a sauce pan, add the fish sauce, light soy sauce, salt sugar, pickled garlic, white pepper and the chinese herbs and bring back to the boil.
4. Add the chopped pork bone and simmer until the water has reduced to 500ml (half).
5. Add the lotus nuts and simmer for another 30 minutes.

Serve With
Thai Fragrant Rice
Dried Flaked Chilli to Taste

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