Pork Lime Soup ( Gar Dook Mu Toon Manow Dorng )


This is a typical use of pickled limes, I've included one in the picture, although it's only for flavoring and is not normally eaten.

2 Pickle Limes With It's Pickling Juice ( 100 ml )
300-500 gms Pork Ribs
1-2 litres Water
1 Chicken Stock Cube
1 Pork Stock Cube
Pinch White Pepper
Baby Sweet Corn

1. Boil the water, add the chicken stock cube, pork stock cube and white pepper.
2. Clean the pork, chop into 4 cm pieces, add to the boiling water.
3. Add the pickling water of the limes, but not the limes themselves - we will add those later.
4. Simmer for 1-2 hours until the meat on the ribs is very soft.
5. Add the baby corn, and the whole pickled limes. Simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Serve With
Fragrant Rice or Noodles

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