Coconut Garlic Potatoes ( Man Cuwer Ga Ti)


This is a potato side dish I adapted from an English cookbook I was given. We don't use potatoes much in Thai cuisine, and almost no cream. So this dish has coconut milk instead of cream and a much stronger garlic taste, more typical of a Thai recipe. Serve this as a side dish with another meat or fish dish.

Ingredients (4 Persons)
1 Kg Potatoes
100 gms Onions
8 Cloves Garlic
4 Tablespoons Oil
Salt to taste
100 ml Coconut Milk

1. Peel and place the potatoes in a pan of boiling water, simmer until half cooked. (Approx 10-15 minutes).
2. Drain and chop the potatoes into cubes, then salt to taste.
3. Fry the potatoes in the oil until they start to brown
4. Chop the onion and add to the pan.
5. Crush the garlic cloves, add to the pan and continue frying.
6. Once the onions are cooked, add the coconut milk and heat to just warm it through.
7. Serve garnished with coriander leaves or chopped spring onions.

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