Palm Seed Pastry ( Kanom Look Tan )


For this western style pastry, I used Thai sliced sweet palms seeds. The palm seeds are naturally sweet, and served in syrup making them idea to make sweet pastries like this one.

1 Packet of
Puff Pastry
50 gms Tinned Palm Seeds in Heavy Syrup

1. Cut the pastry to 5x5 square.
2. Slice the palm seeds.
3. Spoon some of the seeds into the middle of each pastry square and fold the corners into the middle.
4. Brush the pastry with milk.
5. Half way through the baking, brush the pie and pastry with some of the heavy syrup from the tin. This will keep the seeds moist.
6. At the end brush the pastry with a little more syrup to give it a shine.

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