Red Curry Loaf ( Sandwich Mu pud Prik Gang Dang )


I really enjoyed the yellow curry Turkish style sandwich I made the other week, and so I wanted to try something in the same vain. Here I made a Thai red pork curry, scooped out the centre of a large french loaf and fill it with the curry.

30 gms Green Beans
230 ml Evaporated Milk or Coconut Milk
1 Tablespoon Red Curry Paste
1-2 Teaspoons Sugar
50 gms Pork Meat
1 Tablespoon Oil
Large Round Loaf of Bread

1. Chop the pork Meat into small square. Fry in the oil over a medium heat.
2. Add the red curry paste, and stir fry for a few seconds to release the flavours.Add the milk, fish sauce, green beans, and sugar and cook for 2 minutes.
3. Slice open the bread, and scoop out some of the inside to make a bowl.
4. Fill the bread with the curry, including the sauce which will soak into the bread.
5. I served this like a cake, cutting wedge shaped slices of bread and spooning the curry on the plate.

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