Thai Style Kebabs ( Barbeque Gay Nam Jeam Sea Food )


The kebabs could be from anywhere in the world, but the sauce is Thai through and through! The sauce is a seafood sauce made with fresh chopped spicy chillies. The seafood flavouring really broadens the flavours of the grilled meat and the spiciness adds bite.

300 gms Chicken Breast
100 gms Green, Yellow, Red Peppers
100-200 gms Mushrooms
2 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce
Pinch White Pepper
Pinch Sugar

1. Slice the chicken breast thinly, soak in the light soy sauce, sugar and pepper for 30 minutes.
2. Clean and chop the vegetables (all except the mushrooms) into chuncky pieces.
3. Skewer the chicken, vegetables and mushrooms on wooden skewers.
4. Grill until cooked, serve with the following Thai seafood sauce.

Ingredients for Sauce
8 Fresh Red and Green Thai Chillies
1 Garlic Clove
2 Tablespoons Lime Juice
1 Tablespoon Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
1/2 Teaspoon Sugar

1. Place all the ingredients in a blender.
2. Blend until smooth.
3. Serve immediately, if you want to prepare this ahead of time, keep it in the fridge.

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